Here you will find a selection of my compositions downloadable as PDFs, as well as some recordings of my work. These are all stand-alone pieces of music written for concert performance. You can find some more recordings on my Soundcloud profile. If you are interested in performing one of my pieces and require parts, please do get in touch.

Behind Glass
This was my final composition project for my university course, composed for the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group (BCMG), who are conducted by Christopher Austin in this recording. It is arranged for sixteen players, including strings, a piano, a harp, woodwind (listen out for the heckelphone), brass and percussion. The piece depicts the uncertainty and isolation of living alone in a large, busy city.

Ruminations is a composition for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano in three movements. The piece represents the contemplations of a person on the edge of reason. The first section, describing events in the past, depicts a series of mostly happy memories, which have become tainted by some recent tragic event. The second section concerns itself with the individual's present state of mind. In the third section the person turns their attention to the dangers and opportunities that lie ahead. Between moments of uncertainty and feelings of doom, a hopeful melody surfaces, suggesting the possibility of redemption.

Beermat Rag
This piece is a ragtime for solo piano, in which I emulated the style of Scott Joplin. Written in early in 2011, it is meant to be enjoyed as a piece of light entertainment.

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